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A Prayer to Celebrate the Image of God

Dear Father in Heaven, I ask that you extend grace and mercy to a nation that has forsaken your image in the sin of elective abortion. In our continual selfish push to enjoy the pleasures you have given us outside of the bounds in which you have given them, we dig ourselves into a pit, and lose our ability to fellowship with you. We also lose our offspring. We lose the fellowship of a family that could have been. In the wake of such sin, women are left with physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual injuries. Men are left without responsibility. Communities are left without Godly opportunities that could have been. Our nation decays along social and spiritual lines as we insult and desecrate your image with death.

Forgive us Lord. These selfish decisions are often made in fear. Bring courage to those in the midst of that fear so that they can overcome those fears with a resolute bravery instilled by you. Bring to those who stand in fear someone who can assure them of your plans, of your righteousness, and of your faithfulness. Lord, I ask that you link them with the resources they need to accomplish the tasks which come with birthing a child.

Forgive us Lord. Others make such decisions from a place of ignorance. I ask that for those who do, you bring them in contact with someone who can enlighten them not only in regards to the risks of such decisions, but also to the lost potential. Give them people and resources who can show them the beauty that will be destroyed by fear, or selfishness, or ignorance.

Forgive us Lord. Some people make these decisions out of pure selfishness. Lord, I ask that you give such people a heart of flesh, and not one of stone. Inspire them to see the emptiness of a life of only self.

Lord, I ask that with your power, with your spirit, and through the people that love you, that you help our nation to rid itself of the sin of abortion, so that we may strengthen our potential to be a community of your image bearers, as we celebrate the creation of new people made in your image, rather than destroying that image, and all of the potential it brings. I ask this in the name of Jesus, amen.

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