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A Prayer of Praise

Dear God in Heaven, you are awesome in every way.  You stand like a mountain among all of the other mountains, and they are like foothills in your shadow. Your heights of grace and mercy provide shade to the low and weary who’s flaws are exposed by the light of your boundless skies.

Love and commitment flow out of you like a river that nourishes a land. In your waters, the thirsty find relief. Your love and provision remove all fears. Your love washes away sin. It carves a path of life through the land. The wise person will float it’s course, and drink from it often. Its provision does not fail. Your love never fails. It covers all who enter it, and sweeps them away to peace.

There is no fear in your love. It is perfect, and it’s rushing waters push out fear. I fear no punishment because I stand in your love. Your love guides me, corrects me, grows me, improves me, and carries me. It removes from me the flaws I’ve made, and shapes in me your designs. Because I stand in the waters of your love, I also stand in grace, and mercy.

When I stand in the waters of your love, you create in me springs of living water, that flow from my heart. May they nourish fields in me of spiritual fruit. May those springs produce love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self control. May those springs flow from me and into the lives of others. May I become a tributary of your love, and may it carve paths of life in others.

Dear God in Heaven, help me to teach others about your greatness. Make me a model of your love. Help me to commit to paths of righteousness. Make my example persuasive. Help me to plant seeds of your goodness wherever I go. Make me a nurturer. Help me to disciple. Make me a disciple. Help me to teach. Make me a teacher.

Dear God in Heaven, I stand in your love, and fear is cast from me. I hide in your grace and mercy, and I long for your presence. Help me to rise to your peaks, and shape me into the image of your son.

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