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Not Just Jots From a Bunch of Jewish Dead Guys . . .

I think too often we make the mistake of viewing the Bible as a collection of stories written by a bunch of Jewish dead guys who God ordered to jot stuff down in Hebrew and Greek.  We sort of gradually sink into thinking of it either as a book of rules, or as a boring and incomprehensible history.  When we’re not thinking of it in that way, we tend to think of it as a manual for fixing our lives – especially for the little parts of our lives that simply require good, common sense decision making and a little bit of discipline.  But in reality, the Bible is far too great to be either of those things.  To be sure, it is full of wisdom that can help us fix our lives, but the way it does that isn’t by giving us step-by-step directions, a protocol, or a quick and easy DYI process to follow. It does it by equipping us to do the work God wants us to do. In other words, it helps move us into the will of God. Consider, for instance, one of your memory verses from this past week. 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that ALL scripture is breathed out by God, and that it can teach us, correct us, rebuke us, train us, and equip us.  It’s almost as if it’s a living and active thing (Hebrews 4:12). Read that Timothy verse again.  Your Bible was breathed out by God. It didn’t come from a bunch of dead guys.  It came from a living God. It’s supernatural.  And when you read it, it gives you the equipment you need to do every good work.

In part, it’s purpose is to equip each member of the church to move toward unity in the faith, to attain the full measure of Christ, to keep us steadfast in the midst of false teachings, and to grow us as a body that is full of love and good works (Ephesians 4:11-15).

Because the word of God can see right into our most hidden corners, it can discern our own intentions (Hebrews 4:12). When it does that, it is helping us get our motivations right.  And when our motivations are right, our feet will lead us to the will of God, and our hands will do the work of God. Because it is full of light to help us see in the darkness (John 1:1-5Psalm 119:105), and because it can revive us and fill us with both life and wisdom (Psalm 19:7), it is necessary for each Christian to internalize it as much as possible.  Having it in you will help you to love your neighbor, to volunteer for children’s ministry, and to hand out whistles on a river when you volunteer for an outreach.  It will make your tasks bearable, and perhaps even enjoyable. The Bible fixes our lives not by giving us step by step directions, but by giving us meaning, wisdom, life and light.

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