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Some Reminders About God

If you live in America you live in a world that is completely infused with the principles of Christianity and Judaism. Our history, our culture, our laws, our morality and most of our ethics are undeniably tied to it in some way. Even though many of those ties are coming undone each day, a great many still exist. And because we are surrounded on all sides by these principles and ideas, we sometimes become blind to them and lose sight of their importance to us. This is a loss that is true not only for people who believe, but also for those who don’t. People who believe miss out on the practical benefits inherent in the application of these principles to their lives, and people who don’t believe miss out on the good, the guidance and the example that can be supplied by the people who do.

With that in mind, here are some truths about God that we should remind ourselves of often:

He is our greatest power ! Hannah declares this in 1 Samuel 2:1 where she shares that God has exalted her horn. In Hebrew thought, a horn was a symbol of power and strength. The psalmist agrees with her (Psalm 28:7-8). A true belief in the Lord, the kind of belief that produces actions, will get a person through the toughest of times and in powerful ways. One of the rewards of such victory is that the person will definitely be stronger on the other side of the trouble.

He is a God that delivers! Hannah also declares this in 1 Samuel 2:1, when she praises God for bringing her out of the mental torture inflicted upon her by a woman who mocked her for her childlessness. This theme is very frequent in the bible (Psalm 34:17, Psalm 107:6, Isaiah 43:18-19). In fact , it is one of the dominant themes in almost every section of God’s word. He loves to save his people, to deliver them from evil, and to rescue them from the snares of trouble. The story of Jesus is the pinnacle story of God’s love of salvation. Whenever you are in one of those snares, remember he is intent on rescuing you, and usually in ways that you would never suspect!

He is a God of Joy! The psalmist tells us that in his presence is a fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore. This is because the closer you get to him, the more power you have to resist the evils of the world, and because of that, the fewer snares there are from which to be delivered .

So recognize God’s greatness, bow before him, and walk where he would have you to walk.

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