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The Gifted People & Their Gifts

When we say that someone is gifted, we mean so much more than that such person has been given trivial gifts intended for frivolous self-entertainment.  There is an expectation that a gifted person will develop the gift and use it for not only self-improvement, but the improvement of the people and conditions around him or her. The gifts of gifted people are seen as profoundly valuable. In fact, there’s a moral nature to the possession of those gifts.  This moral nature is evident in the way we talk about them.  How often, for instance, have you heard a statement like, “she wasted her gift. It’s such a shame.” We almost always give gifted people even more gifts. These additional gifts are designed solely for the purpose of developing the initial gift.  A person who is gifted with musical ability might be given a musical instrument, or a musical education. This is because the person with the musical gift is expected to grow it, then use it in community pursuits. It is never expected that the gift will be used solely in private consumption. This is true of anyone who is considered a gifted person. 

If you are a Christian, then you are a gifted person. You have been given – and have received – the gift of a savior. This gift isn’t like a material thing. And it isn’t like a talent. This is the gift of a relationship with the God of the universe. The relationship comes with a deep freedom. When you are in a relationship with the God of the universe you are freed not only from the eternal consequences of sin, but you are also freed from the self-destructive pull of sin. As your relationship grows, so does your ability to resist self-destruction. In addition to freedom, your relationship comes with a deep love. As your relationship grows, your love for God grows, and so does your love for people. As your love for people grows, so does your enjoyment of them. The gift of a relationship with God is a never ending development of the enjoyment of good, and an ever increasing freedom from destruction.

But this gift is not solely for private consumption. It is meant to be enjoyed in the presence of others, as well. There is an expectation that you will develop this gift, and make it available to the people who don’t have it, so that they can join you in the enjoyment of a relationship with the one who can save them and give them the same deep freedom you possess.

If you are not yet a follower of Christ, this gift is available to you right now as you read these words. All you have to do is receive it.

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