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The Power of Silver, Gold, and Wisdom.

Silver and gold crackle and glow with power. It emanates from them in steady waves that attract both men and women with an irresistible magnetism. These metals are beautiful, and useful, and can fuel personal empires in most modern economies. They are very good to have in one’s possession — that is, if you are the right kind of person. As good as these powerful metals are, it is better to have wisdom (Proverbs 16:16). Wisdom is required for the possession of silver and gold because their power cannot be wielded by fools. The reason is that fools don’t have the judgement necessary to use that power in constructive ways. A fool will spend all that power on himself and have nothing to show for it (Proverbs 21:20). A common story in states that have lotteries is one in which a person wins millions of dollars. The news media report about the person’s glee as he is instantly raised from the depths of poverty, and placed in the heights of wealth. But then a few sad years later, the person has spent every dime, or given it away to other fools, or foolishly invested it in ventures that were bound to fail. The silver and gold simply give the fool the power of self harm. Imagine a cocaine addict who suddenly has the power of a million dollars. If he isn’t also give wisdom to go with that money, he will use it on cocaine and kill himself. On the other hand, the power of wisdom will allow a person to amass wealth. If you have wisdom, its power will allow you to get silver and gold. And because you can use that silver and gold in the right ways, your wealth will grow instead of wither. Wisdom will also allow you to get things far better than silver and gold. With wisdom comes a peaceful life, a life with less useless toil, and a life that is filled with the goodness of others. Wise people like to enjoy the company of wise people. And because wise people spend time with one another, their wisdom multiplies. No wise person likes to spend time with fools. Its painful and costly (Proverbs 13:20). Finally, wisdom is supreme because it allows you to understand the world around you. This kind of understanding is so valuable that the bible tells us that we should acquire it even if it costs us everything we have (Proverbs 4:7). This kind of wisdom begins with the fear of God (Proverbs 9:10). A fool doesn’t fear God. In fact, he’s already said in his heart that there isn’t one (Psalm 14:1). And you can discern a person’s heart by observing how they behave. Do your choices in life reflect a fear of God, or do they reflect the heart of a fool?

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