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There Are No Guarantees

We live under an illusion of permanency.  We believe that things will always be the same.  And we’ve engineered our world in such a way that illusions of permanency are continually reinforced.  We keep the climates of our buildings and homes at a constant and comfortable room temperature through every season. Most of us keep our refrigerators and pantries full — often with the same staples.  We work at jobs for years on end, and some of us live in towns for decades. But permanency, sameness, and everlasting security are not real. They are, in fact, complete illusions. Everything is in flux.  Everything is always changing. And in a fallen world, everything is always dying. Because we live in a world in which the idea of a guarantee is everywhere in our economy, we’ve tricked ourselves

into thinking that there are actual guarantees.  But the truth is that real guarantees are exceedingly rare.  No one, is guaranteed another day. — or even another second.  Any and every person can cease to exist on this planet at every and any second.

But there is one guarantee of which we can be sure. It is the guarantee that if a person loves God by following Jesus, that he or she can live forever, even if he or she dies on Earth.  And it will be a full, and joyous, and peaceful life.

Many people are unaware of this truth.  This is excruciating. The reason it is so excruciating is because many of these people that don’t know this truth live excruciating lives, and when they disappear from this world, the pain of this world will not leave them, but will intensify for them.

But those who are aware of how much God loves them, are given a wonderful opportunity.  It is the opportunity to remove from this world pain and suffering, and to be a salve for the wounds of those who don’t know the truth.  No one is guaranteed another day. But you can make the most of your time in this world by taking every opportunity to show others Jesus so that they can share in one guarantee that makes the most difference.

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