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LifeSpring Recovery
Christian Recovery Meeting

Meeting on Wednesday, 7:00-8:00 PM
LifeSpring Recovery is a faith-based, Christian ministry designed to help those suffering from the effects of life’s problems. The recovery program is similar to other recovery programs except that it applies the belief and faith in Christianity as the center point.

The program is a broad program aiding people in overcoming addictions, co-dependency, anger, hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Based on these issues, the program may apply to virtually everyone. We follow a twelve-step process, with each step supported by biblical verses.

The recovery program is futuristic in nature. It is designed to concentrate on developing a new way of life with Christ as the savior and the Holy Spirit as the guide and transformer. A person needing recovery quickly comes to the conclusion their life is unmanageable and a major change is needed for a joyous rejuvenation.

The key ingredient within the program is the belief and commitment to Jesus Christ. One must be willing to surrender his/her life and self-will to Christ. This life change cannot be sustained without this choice.

One must take personal responsibility and accountability to complete the twelve steps with the realization this is a life-long process with the constant revisiting of each step. One must also be totally honest with his/herself. Mistakes will occur with poor choices being made. The program helps the individual to overcome these poor choices without taking the victim role and begin making proper choices with Christ as the center of the individual’s life and the Holy Spirit in control.

Forgiveness of one’s self and others and making amends to others play an important role in this recovery process. This allows for Christ to apply His healing power within one’s body, soul, and mind, which then leads to serenity, joy, and happiness. The program emphasizes spiritual and emotional growth through the use of biblical truth, prayer, fellowship, sharing, and service to others. Interpersonal relationships are key. No one is an island unto themselves. Those around the recovering individual will see the remarkable, dramatic changes that have occurred. The person will no longer be a slave to the things of this world. Instead, the individual will have the perseverance and focus to weather life’s storms with Christ and foresee one’s future heavenly reward.

This meeting is for everyone for anything. Come join us for a happier, healthier life through Christ! Meetings occur on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

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